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Student Privacy Information 

Pursuant to ACT 677 of the 2014 Louisiana Legislative Session, the Iberville Parish School Board is posting information regarding the transfer of students’ personally identifiable information (PII) to private entities who provide student and other educational services to the School Board.  The links below identify the entities with whom we have contracts or relationships, pursuant to which, PII is transferred.  By clicking on the name of each entity, you will find a copy of the written contract or agreement (if a written agreement exists) between the School Board and the entity, including an addendum added to address the requirements of ACT 837 of the 2014 Legislative session.  Additionally, you will also find a cover sheet providing high level information regarding the School Board’s relationship with the particular entity.  It is the hope of the Iberville Parish School Board that this page will give parents and guardians confidence in the proper handling of their child’s personally identifiable information.
The Iberville Parish School Board additionally shares this information to illustrate its commitment to the appropriate use of its students’ data and the safeguarding of that data as part of its standard operational processes in the effort to give your child every opportunity to reach their fullest potential as learners.All complaints related to the suspected unauthorized transfer or sharing of personally identifiable student information should be submitted to ____________.
Please include the following information in your complaint:
  1. Complainant’s first and last name;
  2. Complainants’ telephone number and/or e-mail address;
  3. Name of contract to which the complaint relates; and
  4. Brief summary of the suspected violation.

Current Contracts Using Student Data -