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COVID-19 Related Processes

For COVID Health Questions please email

For questions concerning leave please email

For questions concerning telework please email

COVID Leave Application

Telework Application 

COVID Leave Application Process

Should you wish to apply for leave relating to COVID-19 under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFRCA), you must complete the following steps:

STEP 1- Report your absence using Kelly Services (KES) with reason code “COVID-19”.

STEP 2- After reporting leave to KES, you are required to send an email notification to the payroll department at Your email notification should include the reason and time period that you are requesting leave.

STEP 3- Within 3 days from your first day of a COVID related absence, you must provide the COVID Official Absence Documentation to substantiate your COVID related absence. This form requires you to provide written documentation from either your healthcare provider, your childcare provider, or your child’s school.

Failure to provide the COVID Official Absence Documentation Form within 3 days of your first absence to the Payroll Department may result in your pay being docked 100%. 

Telework Application Process

EMPLOYEE PROCESS: (Applications available in Employee Portal and IPSB Website)

Should you wish to apply for telework option relating to COVID under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA), you must complete the steps below:

STEP 1: Notify your supervisor that you plan to apply for Telework

STEP 2: The supervisor will review and approve the telework plan.

STEP 3: Electronically submit the approved application, plan, and supporting documents to the Human Resources department  ( within 3 business days of being out

  • Human resources will determine if your documentation qualifies you for telework and will notify your supervisor

STEP 4: Get timesheets from Mrs. Kylie Blanchard to log your time at home

STEP 5: Until your Telework application is approved, please enter sick days into Kelly Services. Once your application is approved, you can begin to report your absences to Kelly's (KES) using reason code “TELE

STEP 6: Submit weekly signed timesheets and signed work verification sheets to Mrs. Kylie Blanchard via email at (failure to submit either of these items may result in loss of leave or pay). 


STEP 1: Collaborate with the employee to develop a work plan

STEP 2: Complete the Supervisor section of the application. Check: Approved/ Denied

  • If the supervisor denies, the application process ceases
  • If the supervisor approves, the employee should submit the full application to Human Resources

STEP 3: Verify the accuracy of the COVID documentation needed with a Human Resources representative

STEP 4: Approve or Deny the application if information and work plan are not sufficient

STEP 5: Verify that daily absence is reported to Kelly's (KES) using reason code “TELE”

STEP 6: Sign weekly timesheets and work verification sheets verifying that work was monitored and completed (failure of the employee to provide timesheets and work verification sheets may result in loss of leave or pay).

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