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COVID-19 Related Processes

For questions concerning telework please email

Telework Application 

Work Plan Template

Please make a copy of the application and/or template before entering your personal information.  


Iberville Parish School System

Telework Process

Effective January 1, 2021



STEP 1: Notify HR via email ( and your supervisor of your COVID case/situation and that you plan to apply for Telework.

STEP 2: HR will verify your eligibility for application and forward all directions and required documentation to the employee.

STEP 3: Complete the telework application and create a work plan in conjunction with your supervisor. A work plan is an outline of what you will be doing while you are out. It is NOT your lesson plans or a class schedule. Your supervisor MUST complete and approve their assigned portion.

STEP 4: Electronically submit the telework application, plan, and supporting documents to the HR Department.

STEP 5: HR will notify you and your supervisor of your approval status by email. The approval will include a timecard for you to complete and submit weekly.

STEP 6: Either your supervisor or the HR Department will enter your leave as “TELE” in the Kelly Services system.

STEP 7: Submit signed timesheets to hr@ipsb.edcuation at the conclusion of your telework period. Failure to submit timecards may result in loss of leave or pay.



STEP 1: Verify with HR that the COVID documentation provided by the employee is accurate and determine if you will or will not consider telework for the employee. Should you determine that the employee cannot telework, the application process ceases and the employee must use sick or extended leave. Please let the HR department know that you have denied the request via email.

STEP 2: Collaborate with the employee to develop a work plan.

STEP 3: Complete Part V of the application. Please be sure to include your signature.

STEP 4: Once you receive the approval email from the HR representative, enter or verify that the daily absence is reported to Kelly’s (KES) using reason code “TELE”

STEP 5: Sign the timesheets verifying that work was monitored and completed at the end of the telework period. Failure to provide timesheets may result in loss of leave or pay for the employee. 


Telework Conditions

  • Covid Positive and/or quarantined employees on approved telework may NOT attend any on site school/district events during or after work hours. Any employee found to be in violation of this rule is subject to the loss of the telework opportunity.

  • Telework must be approved by the immediate supervisor and the Human Resources Department

  • Telework is to be reviewed every 14 calendar days

  • Employees on approved telework are not eligible for overtime pay or comp-time 

Contact Information

Iberville Parish School Board
58030 Plaquemine Street
Plaquemine, Louisiana 70764

Monday-Friday 8:00-4:00


Phone: 225-687-4341