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Career Courses

Career Courses


Jump Start regional teams in the Capital Region and Northwest Louisiana collaborated to develop a suite of New Generation Career Readiness course materials.

The Capital Region’s New Generation Career Readiness resources available here provide students in middle school and high school with multiple opportunities to develop workplace behaviors and communication skills - as well as a variety of other life skills - that lead to college and career success.  

The links below automatically provide access to the latest-version resources of these New Generation Career Readiness course materials.  

Here is the link to the Middle School Career Awareness for High School Credit course(new course code pending). These resources may replace (or supplement) old Journey to Careers course materials. This course highlights skills students need to successfully transition from middle school to high school. The course emphasizes soft skills, career exploration, graduation planning, personal financial literacy and self-assessment/personal goals for high school.

Here is the link to Career Awareness I: High School Success. This course highlights competencies needed to succeed in high school: high school acclimation, study skills, financial literacy, citizenship and personal responsibility, and more. This course also contains information on managing life crises, self-advocacy, and continuation of graduation planning.

Here is the link to Career Awareness II: College and Career Success. This course highlights skills students will need for college and career success. In addition to a continued emphasis on mastering soft skills, students will learn about career pathways in Louisiana and practice the career-ready academic skills in demand by regional employers. This course emphasizes graduation and college and career planning, and can include internship and job-shadowing opportunities. (Access to these resources will be available following the Capital Region's July 21st training session.)