MSA-West Academy

Home of the Knights!

  • A Message From Mr. Cavalier 

    Dear Teachers, Parents & Guardians of MSA Students:


    Wow! What wonderful, challenging, and exciting times we are facing in Iberville Parish!  We have been given the rare, professional opportunity to redesign and reshape an entire educational system.  To paraphrase Sir Winston Churchill, “We have been preparing for this our entire lives- We are walking with destiny.” Please be aware that we will constantly be subjected to both positive and negative vibrations as we move forward through uncharted educational waters.  Our resolve must be strong and unshakeable.

    The transformation of the Iberville Parish educational system has been carefully and meticulously outlined in the Superintendent’s Master Plan.  It is our responsibility, and no one else’s, to implement and monitor our Academy Program.  I know that you are ready for the task. 

    The ancient Greeks defined true contentment as being healthy and able to do what you love with a degree of passion and satisfaction.  I wish you contentment this year as together we design and implement a banner academy program that will bring our students to new academic, cultural, and social heights. 

    I thank you and appreciate your commitment, your support, and your endeavors to help make our academy a shining example of public school excellence- Have a wonderful and productive school year.

    Cordially yours,


    Elvis J. Cavalier

    Chief Academic Officer Iberville Parish Schools