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Welcome to the Special Populations Page

 Mission Statement:

The special education department will work collaboratively with teachers, service providers, school administration and parents in making student-centered decisions in order to support individual and collective needs of ALL students.

Special Education Staff

 Kathy D'albor Supervisor of Special Education kathydalbor@ipsb.education 225-687-5400 Ext. 2143 
 Jasmine Forssander Special Education Instructional Facilitator jasmineforssander@ipsb.education225-687-5400 Ext. 2173
 Trevis Thompson Special Education Instructional Facilitator trevisthompson@ipsb.education225-687-5400 Ext. 2140
 Sarah Stickley Special Education Secretary sarahstickley@ipsb.education225-687-5400 Ext. 2116